topsoil-calculator-iconGrade 1 PTS, Pulverized TopSoil / Pulverized and organically amended

Light, fluffy blended topsoil mixture that has been run through a pulverizing machine and all large chunks removed or screened off over 1 inch.  Mix include topsoil, sand and organic amendments.  Light fluffy and always dry and easy to work by hand.  No chucks or big rocks in this material.  Easy to work with hand tools and move around. Perfect for new yards for the perfect soil prior to seed, sod or landscaping, yard restorations, planting beds, fill for depressions or low areas in a yard or landscaping bed.
Stored in covered building out of the weather; always dry.

Grade 2 PTS, Pulverized TopSoil

Same description as grade 1 except this is the byproduct that includes all of the larger chucks of material and rocks over 1.5”. It has a large amount of the PTS mix included in it ,  Stored outside and a bit more work when handling due to the larger chunks included with the material but has the benefits of the PTS

STS, Standard Topsoil

Quality topsoil non pulverized and not emended, stored outside in stockpiles.  Loaded by large machines so this product most generally needs to be installed with a machine to break up and compact soil to desired grades.

Clay soil

Availability varies.
Good for fill areas and areas wanting compaction and molded grades, slowed water release or absorption.

Fill dirt

Variety of soil types with varying amounts of rock mixed in based on the timing and availability.  Used simply as fill. No additional uses suggested.
Tri axel dump carries up to 20 CY per load.
Tandem carries up to 10 CY per load
Single axel up to 5 CY per load

We will not dump or cross sidewalk or a driveway without a signed damage waiver due to the aggregate weight of the truck and material.
Soil installation is available as well.  Call for pricing based on situation or it can be done priced at Time and Materials.