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  • Real time site inspection program unlike any other in the Kansas City Area!
  • Monthly/Weekly/Post-Rain Inspections
  • Certified Inspector in Sediment & Erosion Control

I have worked with Earthscapes on a variety of high profile projects over the past several years.   Most recently Earthscapes has been contracted to oversee and maintain BMP's associated with site disturbance on the new 200 acre Tom Watson golf course and residential development within the Village of Loch Lloyd; and on a 56 acre development in the Kansas City Northland highlighting a Mormon Temple. With Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control, Earthscapes has a proactive approach to monitoring and maintaining erosion control methods.    They understand that successful projects rely on contractors to be flexible with their approach to solving problems as construction documents cannot fully anticipate inevitable field changes. In addition Earthscapes new web site  engages the owner and engineer with updated reports and dialogue critical to daily monitoring and documentation.
Brett Haugland, P.E., L.A. Continental Consulting

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